Antonia La Singla - Tablao Flamenco Barcelona

The Singla a few days after being in Madrid ready to debut ( opening) in “The Califas” appeared from the hand of his father, a gypsy with dark skin and black hair, well fed, fat and strong, docile and submissive; black suit, black shoe, white shirt and red tie, that man knew more than the red mice.

The Singla -Antoñita by name- had a stale appearance and a lot of personality. He looked straight into the eyes and offered a knowing smile, it was not a woman who aroused passion but a young girl, small, black eyes, large and expressive, brunette with black hair, loose and abundant, dressed modestly but not neglected, blouse beix , black skirt with good cut, shoes with medium heel of white skin, black heel and toe and gray coat, like all the clothes that the two wore, offered a look of frequent use.

The debut( opening ) of Tablao Flamenco La Singla

It was announced on January 12, 1966, the full was total, as well as its success! repeated throughout the successive days, the press did not spare in appreciative qualifications !!

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